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There comes a point when photographs have taken you as far as you can go.  Film makers step in and take your one day...those brief moments and give you the gift to remind the way it sounded, the way it moved, that laugh...that tear...the promises of

Prices are subject to change with out notice as we often become sold out.


Capture Films


The Basics

Total: $899


-Ceremony:  2 camera angles cover the ceremony from processional to the kiss to your exit

-Toasts:  Every funny and heart felt sentiment is captured in HD.




Highlight plus Basics

Total: $2275


-(Basics) 2 camera angles cover the ceremony and one covers toasts.


- (Highlight) We film the events of the entire day, from you putting on your dress to the cake cutting resulting in a priceless story telling 3-5 minute highlight film to rewind a hundred times till your 50th wedding anniversary.


View highlight films and

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