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Thanks to Him

A Field.
I wont even start to pretend that I could do what we do here at Capture if it wasn't for the gifts the Lord God has given me.  In Proverbs 31 He says that a Godly woman considers a field and buys it and out of her earnings she plants a vineyard.  Capture is my field and it is only by the grace of God that I could consider it.  He has given me the gift of imagination and crafted it through out my life into the talents of emotional creativity.  He also has granted me favor in the market place and taken Capture to places a simple field could never go alone.  My vineyard is the several charities, non profits, and children across the globe that Capture gets to help support and fund.  From His grace, go I.  Though I get a lot of compliments from teary-eyed parents, friends and brides, God alone deserves the credit. To Him I serve and to Him I give thanks first.


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