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Meet Shellie

I was raised to spend time outside.  We were outside from dawn until dusk or until my dad's trademark whistle (that defied space and distance) would call us home.  I am still that way.  We didn't get much TV, I was forced (maybe, some days) to make-believe with what limited resources a child of a loving plastics plant worker and a wonderful stay-at-home mom could provide, which for me, were plenty.  I remember I made a play companion once out of a bent metal rod that served as legs. We played for months. Silly.  My imagination was endless.

So what then do you do for a living when you are a daydreamer who craves the outdoors?  Well for years after college I forced this person into a corporate desk job in advertising working with other business people who also didn't like what they did. That didn't seem right.  So I bought a camera and fell in love with photography.  I shot my first wedding and I learned that I could find love THROUGH a camera.

Now my days are filled with brides in love.  I spend my time in old fields next to generations-old farmhouses or on high-dollar luxurious resort rooftops photographing the day of a lifetime.  No matter where I am, love always looks the same through my lenses. It is good and it is powerful and I am that little girl playing with my friends again at dusk and will do so till my Father calls me home. 

Cause it's what I was born to do.



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